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This video will change the way you pack your bags! Made this for ixigo.com, Coolest Travel Hacks :) Went viral on Facebook with 75,000 views on the first on Facebook :D

Fool’s Day Prank - Executive Class Auto-Rickshaws

With April 1st few days away, the team thought it would be cool to do something fun and fool-worthy. So here came the idea of re-inventing the good old auto rickshaw. Calling it ‘Rick-Air' the video shows the makeover of the rickety rickshaw into an executive class ride. The response was unbelievable, from being covered in many blogs to requests for registrations for first free rides! :)

Rick-Air found it’s way into the Storypick, Trak.in and NextBigWhat

Google it to see how it did elsewhere :)

* The video was shot on the iPhone

"For all your troubles, worries and challenges, just remember you’re as insignificant as an evening star in the Martian sky" 
- Aashish Chopra :)

"For all your troubles, worries and challenges, just remember you’re as insignificant as an evening star in the Martian sky"

- Aashish Chopra :)

What if someone paid your toll? New video about happy surprise at the Delhi-Gurgaon toll plaza. Re-blog if you like :)

Camera & Editing: Aashish Chopra

20 Minutes to the Airport

20 Minutes to the Airport - #RandomActofKindness, Tiny story about a stranger, rush hour traffic and a flight to Bangalore.

Have you ever done something for someone without any expectation? A random act of help and happiness? I had a crazy experience few days back.

Speeding on the highway back to Gurgaon I saw a call coming in, put the blinkers on and pulled to the side, it was my cousin from Chandigarh. In the middle of the call I saw this young boy, must be around 20, with a bag-pack on, running and waving to cars passing by. After I was done talking, I got on the road to find the same guy at some distance. I don’t know why, I stopped, rolled down the window and yelled “Do you need a ride?” He nodded and got into the car. “I can drop you along the highway, where are you headed” I asked. “T3, I have a flight to Bangalore in 45 minutes” he blurted out in panic. Apparantly the Jet Airways flight was scheduled to depart from the International Terminal and our poor chap was waiting for it at the domestic terminal. Guess the last minute realization made him run. “T3 is it? That’s the international terminal, how long have you got” I asked. “20 minutes, before they stop check-in, I confirmed with Jet” he said.

I don’t know what came over me, “Buckle up, lets’s go to the airport”, I took the exit to T3, past the toll plaza and zipped to the airport, while he was making calls in a state of super-anxiety. Imagine a speeding little orange Tata Nano, jumping past the speed-breakers, through the security checks to drop this stranger. For those few minutes, I forgot all that was on my mind, the shocking news at work and the pending bills I had to clear. In those moments, it was not about me anymore.

I pulled into the departures, and stopped right where it said ‘Jet Airways’, he jumped out of the car, thanked me and ran. There’s him running in the picture below. I reached home an hour later, with a smile you can’t buy :)


If you have had similar experiences, do share :)